"AK Academy"  勤 略 (物 流) 學 院 was established in Malaysia on 10 February 2011, with vision and mission in the education of maritime logistics, supply chain, transport and business management, and can be regarded as one of the fastest growing tertiary education providers in Malaysia, simply of its truth commitment, years of practical trade experience, comprehensive business network, characteristics of sincerity and team of certified professionals.

AK Academy is a Member of AK VENTURES BERHAD, which is the Maritime Logistics Group of Companies that manages and operates several logistics businesses in Malaysia, including containerized maritime transportation, petroleum-tanker shipping, shipping liner agencies, international freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain management and the related consultancies.

The team, includes Master Mariner(s), Chartered Logistician(s), Logistics Arbitrator(s), Transport Planner(s), Supply Chain Strategist(s), Academician(s), Maritime Anthropologist(s) and Educational Assessor(s), is geared and committed to achieve the following objectives:

1. To support the related tertiary education and training in Malaysia.
2. To facilitate the growth of economy through human capital development.
3. To uplift the professionalism of business practitioners nationally.


We shall be the globally acknowledged and admitted local tertiary education provider.


We serve, deliver and care for the Continuing Professional Development for all Malaysians.

Presently, for various means of educational collaborations, AK Academy has linked to the School of Professional & Continueing Education of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT) and The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) (UK).

AK Academy has its 1st training and education centre in Penang, but with a comprehensive international network of business, its rapid and great speed in expansion is humbly expected.

Group Businesses

√   Worldwide Containerised Shipping.
√   Petroleum Tanker Shipping.
√   Shipping Agencies for more than 10 Liners in Malaysia.
√   International Freight Forwarding.
√   Maritime Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain Consultancies.
√   Maritime Logistics Mediation & Arbitrations.
√   Tertiary Education & Training.