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AKCorps Webinar 2.0: 9 Basic First Aid Procedures

07 Jun 2021

Calling all SJAM members, 
SJAM AK Academy Combined Adult Division II (AKCAD II), of St John Ambulance of Malaysia AK Academy Corps (AKCorps) will be holding a webinar as follows: 

“AKCorps Webinar 2.0: 9 Basic first aid procedures” 

Kapt. Log. Bryan Chuah JH, MBA (AeU), CMILT, MLogM 
Divisional Superintendent, AKCAD II, AKCorps 

Date: 7 June 2021 (Mon) 
Time: 1300hrs
Platform: Cisco Webex 

Please join and support our AKCAD II. For the Service of Mankind!