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#LifeHasMoreThan2Choices Campaign

12 Jul 2021

HEY, Strangers! YES, you! Look...
We are all in the same pages - “Surviving”. The chapters of the pandemic are still on-going around the globe, like it or not, we are evolving with it! 

Struggling? Cannot breathe? BUT... let us remind you now:
You are WORTH for more than you think
For those human beings who are thinking of giving up, life has more choices than deciding between living or death. 

There is always more solutions than problems. As long as you stay alive, we will always have hope. 

We urge you to post a picture to let your friends know that you are here to support them, share their burden, and explore the endless possibilities to make life better together. 

To be honest, this is not “the nomination games”... BUT, believe us! Small things can change the world. You can be someone HERO.
#LifeHasMoreThan2Choices #WillYouFIndTheHopeInBetweenWithMe

Life Line Association Malaysia: 016-7201495 , 011-31571495
Befrienders: 03-76272929