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Appointment as Fellow of AK Academy

07 Oct 2022

A few adjunct faculty members of AK Academy 勤 略 學 院 have been named "Fellows of AK Academy (FAKA)”, with effect from 7 October 2022, in recognition of their dedication, commitment, and professionalism to education and training in the areas of logistics and supply chain.

Congratulations to our Fellows of AK Academy (FAKA): 

Assoc. Prof. Log. Dr. Adam Mohd Saifudin, PKT, FLogM, CMILT
Associate Professor, Universiti Utara Malaysia 
Deputy President, The Society of Logisticians Malaysia (LogM) 
Vice Chairman, CILT (Penang Section) 

Log. Leong Kin Wah, CMILT, MLogM
Managing Director, EW Logistics and Transport (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
Secretary General, The Society of Logisticians, Malaysia (LogM) 
Committee Member, CILT (Penang Section) 

Log. Ranni Selvaraju, CMILT, MLogM 
Freight Manager, Sea Consortium Sdn Bhd 
Freight Manager, AK Shipping Sdn Bhd 
Section Secretary, Corporate Affairs, The Society of Logisticians, Malaysia (LogM) 
Section Secretary, WiLAT (Penang Section)