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Professional Programme of Study at AK Academy

21 Oct 2022

A professional programme of study has a focused and specific curriculum that aims to develop your skills in a distinct area of specialisation, i.e., logistics and supply chain. The purpose of this professional programme of study is to ensure that you are work-ready for a career in a given field and have received the necessary training to hit the ground running. In short, you will be dedicated to practical and real-world training.

This professional programme of study looks to bridge the gap between the academic world and the world of the logistics industry. A degree of this nature will often include mandatory industry internships and work placements as part of your curriculum. The practical application of knowledge and theory is essential. In most cases, completion of this programme is required if you want to work in a specific field and be certified to become a professional logistician.

We offer and conduct the following programmes at AK Academy 勤 略 學 院: 

Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain (UTMSPACE) 
Professional Bachelor in Logistics and Supply Chain (UTMSPACE) 
Professional MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain (UTMSPACE) 

Please contact us, 04-251 5222 or 251 5111 for more information.