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Professionals at AK Academy

03 Nov 2022

For our programme of study, if you do not hold the Logistics and Supply Chain related qualification, there is no compromising of standards or qualities if you’re interested in getting our CILT professional qualification. Even if you're the business's owner, CEO, COO, GM, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), or Master of Business Administration (MBA), you would not get the CILT professional qualification directly; instead, exemptions may be granted, depending on your present qualification, but likely you will be expected to attend the related classes and pass our core papers before our CILT professional qualification, which is on par with the ACCA, CIMA, or ICSA, can be awarded.

In short, there is no shortcut to the CILT Professional qualification.

"Too easy carries no value."

We're happy and touched that many industry practitioners understand this important factor in our professionalism and come over for theirs.

Congratulations! Many (owners, CEOs, COOs, GMs, doctorates, and masters) have passed their examinations with flying colors.

Indeed, our true professional logisticians!

Call AK Academy 勤 略 學 院 (04-241 5222 or 251 5111) for more information.