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Appreciation Ceremony

03 Apr 2023

AK Academy, a member of AK VENTURES BERHAD, a leading maritime logistics group, is committed to fostering and nurturing the younger generation. In this regard, AK Academy offers an annual "AK Scholarship" with no specific terms and conditions. Among the beneficiaries of this scholarship are graduates of Chung Hwa Confucian High School (#CHCHS). 

Last year, three of these CHCHS graduates successfully completed their CILT logistics course of study and secured employment with some of the world's top logistics companies, including Sinotrans Logistics (China), DHL (Germany), and Expeditors (USA). As part of their appreciation for the scholarship, these three graduates visited CHCHS and participated in an "Appreciation Ceremony" where they expressed their gratitude to the Principal of CHCHS, Mr. Yeoh Lye Hock, for his recommendation and to the Chief Executive of AK Academy, Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon, for his support and approval of the scholarship.

This event was a significant moment, with Chinese-educated graduates demonstrating their gratitude for the opportunities provided to them by AK Academy.