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A Fund Raising Dinner of St John Ambulance of Malaysia

21 Dec 2019

Corps President Mej Logistician Ts Chang Kah Loon DJN PKT PJM PPA, Hon Corps Treasurer Logistician Eunice Chang, Corps Staff Officer Logistician Andy Ng Jui Boon PJM, Divisional Presidents Logistician Leong Kin Wah (AKCAD I), Logistician Coach Tan Khee Kwong PJM (AKCAD II), Logistician Coach Yeap Choon Wei PJM (AKCAD III), Divisional Superintendent Mr Jason Goon (AKCAD III), Divisional Officer Logistician Joyce Lee (AKCAD II) and Vice Divisional Chairman Mr Roy Ng (AKCAD II), of St John Ambulance of Malaysia AK Academy Corps (AKCorps), were present at the fund raising dinner organised by SJAM MCAD, at Vouk Hotel, Penang.

Service the Mankind.