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Convocation of Asia e University (AeU)

06 Oct 2023

The Asia e University (AeU) team is gearing up for tomorrow's convocation. This year, AK Academy 勤 略 學 院 proudly celebrates 11 postgraduate students who will receive their MBA degrees during the ceremony.

Our collaboration with AeU has spanned over a decade, offering DBA (doctoral) and MBA programmes. We remain committed to producing more postgraduates for Malaysia, particularly in Penang, recognised as an MNC hub.

Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon and Ts. Amy Ooi are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with AeU's key personnel, including the Dean of the School of Management, before the convocation.
To our AeU-AK graduates, please take a well-deserved rest tonight in preparation for your big day tomorrow.