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Blood Donation

24 Nov 2023

Dear all, 

There are programmes this weekend, as follows:

25 Nov (Sat): Blood donation (organised by SJAM North-East Area) at SJAM Penang HQ, from 0900 hrs. Our officers, Salman, Banu, Sathya, Hasan, and I, will be there around 1100 hrs to show our support.

26 Nov (Sun): Blood donation (organised by Penang First Responder and supported by The Society of Logisticians Malaysia (LogM) and AK Academy 勤 略 學 院) at St. Nicholas' Home (Penang), from 1000 hrs. Our officers, Banu, Yong Ting, Sathya, and I, will be there to render our support.

My dear brothers and sisters, please feel free to join us there if your schedules allow.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our AK graduates, more than 25, who will be receiving their scrolls from the VC at the UTMSPACE Convocation in Johor on 25 November 2023. Our Prof. Chang and Log. Amy Ooi will be there to witness the ceremony. Cheers.

Thank you. 

Log. Ranni Selvaraju, PJM, CMILT, MLogM
Hon. Corps Secretary
St John Ambulance of Malaysia AK Academy Corps (AK Corps)