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Santa, Where’s my Present?

20 Dec 2023

Jingle bells~Jingle bells~ Jingle bells ~, all the way to our Santa era!! 

Gather round the Christmas tree, it's time for laughter and joy.
Gift exchange: Santa, where’s my present?

-All participants have to prepare a gift for exchange.
-The prepared gift must be worth more than RM25 or its equivalent.
Please bring your gift and put it under the AK Academy's Christmas Tree, BEFORE 18 December 2023.
-No sweets, chocolate, food, or snacks are allowed.
-Co-curricular merits will be awarded. 
-Dress code: Red, Green, White 
-Please be informed that the gift will be exchanged at AK Academy on 20 & 21 December 2023.
-Please contact our PIC-Zi Yi at 012-661 6975 or PIC-Kai Yi at 011-2650 3556 to register your name, BEFORE 18 December 2023.