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First Aid Training at AK Academy

27 Jan 2024

Our Corps Superintendent, Log. William Ooi, PJK, MBA (AeU), CMILT, MLogM, conducted another First Aid Training for 5 selected AK Corps members at AK Academy 勤 略 學 院

Other AK Corps officers, Log. Ranni Selvaraju, PJM, MBA (AeU), CMILT, MLogM; Log. Safia Jamal, CMILT, MLogM; Banu Selvarajoo; and Sathyarubini Kathiresan, were also present to support and learn from our Corps Superintendent, with the humble intention of preparing them for the upcoming State First Aid Competition. 

The session included a slide presentation for understanding the necessary theories and practical exercises. 

Our Corps President, Log. Amy Ooi, PKT, PJM, FCILT, FLogM, was touched to notice that the 5 AK Corps members paid full attention during the training.