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A Comment by our Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon: SST for Logistics Services

29 Feb 2024

A comment by our Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon 曾家麟物流師教授: SST for logistics services. It was originally meant for warehousing and customs clearance work in the past. However, it will soon include many other logistics services, including transportation and local charges, starting on 1 March 2024. We have been given to understand that transportation from 1-25 February will have no SST, but from 26-29 February, SST will be applicable. Let’s carefully review the related website to avoid any confusion. (Go to BM version) (中國報北馬人)
Chang, K. L. (2024, February 28). SST for logistics services. China Press, p. C5.