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CNY Celebration Dinner (Part 6)

26 Feb 2024

Reflecting on the ups and downs of the past years, tonight's CNY dinner unites us in celebration and collective hope. Gratitude fills the air as we gather together, our VIPs, industrial friends, lecturers, and management, for your unwavering support and commitment to excellence. Witnessing the remarkable growth of our company, let's extend our heartfelt wishes for the prosperity of all and AK VENTURES BERHAD Group. Here's to more milestones, more joyous occasions, and more reasons to raise our glasses in celebration! 

To X-Press Feeders, AK Shipping, AK Academy, and VanaVasa Resort, let's continue to thrive in unity. As we embrace the spirit of the dragon this year, let our collective roar resonate far and wide! ROAR! 

(Part 6/6)