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03 Jul 2024

Today, Logistician Chang Kah Loon, FCILT, FLogM, had a session with our logistics, transport, and supply chain students, focusing on turning thoughts into actions. He emphasised having a clear direction, planning effectively, taking action, achieving results, continuing professional development (CPD), and sharing knowledge. Students engaged actively, gaining valuable insights and practical strategies for their careers. They left motivated and ready to implement these lessons for professional growth. 

We were also glad to have a senior, Mr. Ashly Ong, join us for more sharing. He is currently completing both his MBA and his CILT programme at AK Academy simultaneously. As the General Manager of Bread History Malaysia, he serves as an excellent example of lifelong learning. He highlighted that students should learn far more than just the textbook; they should gain experience and exposure from their lecturers. He encouraged students to go beyond simply fulfilling their roles and strive to be exceptional.