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"AK Academy" 勤 略 (物 流) 學 院 was established in Malaysia on 10 February 2011, with vision and mission in the education of maritime logistics, supply chain, transport and business management, and can be regarded as one of the fastest growing tertiary education providers in Malaysia, simply of its truth commitment, years of practical trade experience, comprehensive business network, characteristics of sincerity and team of certified professionals.

AK Academy is a Member of AK VENTURES BERHAD, which is the Maritime Logistics Group of Companies that manages and operates several logistics businesses in Malaysia, including containerized maritime transportation, petroleum-tanker shipping, shipping liner agencies, international freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain management and the related consultancies.

The team, includes Master Mariner(s), Chartered Logistician(s), Logistics Arbitrator(s), Transport Planner(s), Supply Chain Strategist(s), Academician(s), Maritime Anthropologist(s) and Educational Assessor(s), is geared and committed to achieve the following objectives:




of AK graduates get job offers before graduation


of AK graduates are employed within 3 months after graduation


of AK graduates carry International professional qualification

News & Events

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HCNY2021: Greetings from #AKfam

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An online briefing conducted by Registrar, AK Academy

An online briefing for AK FT students, conducted by Logistician Ts. Amy Ooi FLogM, CMILT (Registrar ...

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